Wal-Mark Inc.


Delivery of Flyers to Realtors® in Over 100 Offices in the Twin Cities.

Flyers are put in the slots or file folders for access by agents when they arrive. Orders received on Monday and Tuesday or sooner will be delivered later the same week.

Printing is available in full color, accent color, or black ink on one or two sided paper and card stock in many sizes.  Processing time is at least one day for all orders.

You can do something different or keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

Customer Testimonials

"Dear Phil,

Thanks for being out there doing what everyone else isn't.  We have had good luck directing flyers to the offices around and near our neighborhood listings.  It is much easier for the agents to just lay your flyers on the corner of their desk until a prospect pops up that could be interested, and presto, my listing is there for consideration."

– Curt Burckhardt

Counselor Realty,  Edina